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“Julie Grisham is a writer that I can trust with my most challenging assignments. Her health and science stories are always interesting, balanced, and filled with just the right quotes based on phone interviews with sources. She goes the extra mile to ensure that other components that we may need in a media package, such as multimedia and contact information, are included and accurate. It’s a relief to receive such high quality work that is always well-received by authors and editors. Julie is an absolute asset for our company and we’re very happy to work with her.”

– Joseph Caputo, Media Relations Manager, Cell Press

“Julie is an highly professional writer with profound knowledge of biomedical research and healthcare. She is very attentive to detail and accuracy, excels in translating elaborate concepts into plain English, and exercises deep sensitivity in writing for different audience groups. She is also very reliable and responsible, and always delightful to work with. You can often tell when a person genuinely loves her profession and gets a kick out of being helpful to others, and Julie is definitely one of those people.”

– Eva Kiesler, Managing Editor, The Rockefeller University

“I have worked with Julie Grisham for more than nine years. During that time, she has proven herself to be the consummate professional. She has a true passion for what she does, she’s persistent, she’s meticulous, and she always meets deadline. In fact, I can’t think of a single assignment, among the hundreds she has submitted during the time we’ve worked together, that came in late. She knows how to get things done, and her mastery of basic science — and the art of communicating it to the lay public – is most impressive.”

– Christina Pernambuco-Holsten, former Director for Digital & Content Strategy, Memorial Sloan Kettering