Science and Medical Writing

Translating highly complex, technical information for general audiences

Writing and editing about highly complex scientific and medical concepts including biology, genetics, cancer, science policy, biotechnology, and environmental issues.

Talking with scientists and clinicians about their research and helping them tell their stories. 
Translating scientific concepts and jargon into language that can be understood by professional and general audiences.
Writing for print, web, and social media including short and long feature stories, breaking news, press releases, and profiles.
Covering conferences, scripting speaking remarks, writing prize nomination materials, and developing  educational materials for patients.

Take stories from the first spark of an idea through execution, including developing ideas, conducting research and interviews, and working as part of an editorial team.

Working with photographers and graphic designers to generate visual elements
Managing social media
Working as a production editor at deadline-driven magazines

Julie Grisham has more than 20 years of experience, an MS in science journalism from Boston University, and a BA in biological sciences with a concentration in genetics and developmental biology from Northwestern University.